Jojo VIP Toilets 



Pit-Latrine Slabs

Toilet Hut


Assembled Jojo Hut



Above:Panel stacked, Below: Panels lined up  













Each JOJO plastic hut & slab comes with a vent pipe which goes directly from the pit to the roof of the hut.  Wind passing over the top, causes a flow of air from the pit, through the vent pipe to the atmosphere, and a downdraft thorough the squat pit hole. This continuous flow of air removes all bad smells from the decomposing excreta in the pit, through the vent pipe leaving the hut with clean air. 






Item No.














Plastic Toilet Hut


LLDPE polyethylene



L x b x ht

141cm x 141cm x 266cm ht


Wall thickness: ±8mm





Load bearing weight:

250 kg

Features & Benefits:

  • Its main advantage is in its design.. Being of a modular type that is installed on-site transportation cost is reduced drastically.
  • Modern design can be made in any colour
  • Easy, quick on-site installation.
  • Cost effective - which reduces with number of ‘stance.’
  • Made with UV stabilized material.
  • Long lasting and portable - can be moved when pit is full.
  • Hygienic and easy to clean.
  • Available with floor-type slabs and seat type slabs.
  • Light weight and high-strength.
  • UV-stabilized, sunlight resistant for long life.
  • Excellent resistance to fertilizers and other chemicals.

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